´╗┐Military Spec Packaging

Maypak has a long history of developing special packaging for use by the US military to enable safe transportation and storage of weapons, instruments, and sensitive electronic or mechanical components.Barrier BagsReusable fast packs, manufactured in strict accordance with PPP-B-1672C. Corrugated fiberboard boxes: manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM-D-5118 (PPP-B-636) Corrugated sheets manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM-D-4727 (PPP-F-320)

Approved for SIC Codes:  
3082 Plastic Profile Shapes 2675 Die Cut Paper & Board
3086 Plastic Foam Products 5113 Shipping Supplies & Tapes
3089 Bubble Formed Pkg. (cases plastic) 2657 Cartons
2448 Wood Pallet & Skids 2653 Container Corrugated
2441 Nailed Wood Boxes & Shook 3053 Gaskets Regardless of Materials
2671 Metalic Covered Pkg. (Barrier Bags) 5085 Industrial Supplies (Crates, etc.)