Foam Cushioning

Foam Cushioning Engineered Foam:

To position and protect your product during shipping, storage and delivery, we will cut foam to the specific shape of your product so it will fit snug and safely in its packaging.Our state of the art converting machines, die cutting, convoluting (egg crate), sheeting and hot wire cutting enable us to accurately cut to your product’s shape.

Maypak will recommend which material to use based upon the weight, size, shape and fragility of your product and it’s cushioning, positioning, and durability requirements

Conductive Anti-Static Foam Polyethylene Foams
Crosslinked Foam  Polyurethane Foams
 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)  Rubberized Hair
 Neoprene  Sponge Rubber
 Polyester Foams Sytrofoam