ATA cases

These ATA style cases are all shined up and ready to go. Countless amounts of very expensive medical devices will be shipped in these all over the world. With custom foam on the inside protecting the units and a strong outer shell these cases are built to last. The units will be protected and reused for many years to come.


Safe Animal Transport

This crate is specifically designed for the shipment of animals over seas. With our expertise in designing our crates with ventilation, and access for food and water. This maximum protection crate takes part in shipping animals all over the world.


Hard Case with Custom Die Cut Foam

This pelican style hardcase was used for the safe storage and transport of some high end electronics.This case is water proof and crush proof, can take a massive fall and hard strong impacts. This kind of case would also be great trade show cases.We can cut the foam any way you like, to hold anything including sensitive glass pieces, expensive merchandise, weapons,Laptops, electronics and more.


Tradeshow shipping container

Our task with these reusable containers was to house equipment for transportation to and from trade shows. The equipment going into each one of this containers are worth thousands, leaving no room for error with the design of the shipping containers.


Custom Guitar Case

A Guitar case with a special custom cut foam insert just for this fender guitar. It is a hard case, with high quality custom cut, felt lined foam inserts. Built to last many concerts and shows.

guitar1-225x225 guitar2-225x225 guitar3-225x225

Blue embroidered carrying bags

This product included blue embroidered carrying bags each with a carrying strap. The bags were customized with the company’s name and logo stitched into them. The interior of the bags were lined with custom foam inserts, protecting the product from damage. The finished products are shown here packed and ready to be delivered to the customer.

bbmid-225x225 bbend-225x225 bbd1-225x225 bbd-225x225 bb2-225x225 bb1-225x225

Electronic Equipment Transport Container

This custom box was built to safely and securely transport this sensitive and valuable piece of equipment.


Adirondack Chairs

These chairs are a new product we are putting out.

They are build with thicker wood than most if not any other Adirondack Chairs, the recline is slightly more tilted back, and as reinforcements such as thick hex bolt, and extra beams of wood where it counts.